Corin Smith graduated with her Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from Loma Linda University.  Although she is a California native who grew up in sunny Los Angeles she also spent many years as a child living in Mexico and is especially passionate about helping the Latino community.

She is also a busy mom and knows how tough it can be to eat right and feed a family nutritious & healthy food all the time.  Healthy eating has changed her life and she believes it can do the same for everyone.

Her philosophy on nutrition and wellness is “Balance for You and Your Family”.  She believes nutrition, wellness, and balance go hand in hand.  “If you take care of your body and you feed it nutritious foods and you exercise it, the result is feeling better about yourself, better health and having a clearer mind.  She does not believe in dieting, she believes in changing one’s lifestyle to a healthier one.

In her free time, Corin enjoys staying active and getting outdoors as a way to reconnect with herself and her friends. She loves experimenting with different types of foods and recipes, always striving to make them healthier and tastier by using fresh ingredients full of life-giving nutrients.

Corin sees patients at our Long Beach location on Mondays and Tuesdays.