Set Yourself Up for Your Health and Weight Loss Goals

How do you know if you really are ready to make food changes?

To really reach your weight loss and health goals, set yourself up for success.

What does that mean?

Part of the answer is to only have only healthy food on hand.

You cannot reach for what you do not have.

Have family? Sit everyone down and discuss. The easiest way to get started is to decide what you will substitute.

Example: Barbara’s Puffins Cereal® vs Froot Loops®

70 calorie Vanilla Almond Milk or 25 calorie Flax Milk vs Whole Milk

Home-made pasta vs Top Ramen®

Discuss issues at the house.

Example: Your little one will not limit himself to 4 ounces of orange juice a day (which is a serving of juice). How about not buying it? Once again, if it is not there, he cannot reach for it. How about a glass of cold water with a splash of lemon and a fresh orange? It will be much more filling also with the high water content of both and the fiber in the orange (not to mention the other vitamins and benefits of the fruit).

Foods loaded with sugar and or/fat do not have to have a place in the day-to-day kitchen space unless they are not an issue for you which is not true for most of us…..they have no nutrients, are full of calories, and can take away from the food budget.

Example: Fruit drinks, sodas, chips, candy bars, cookies (approximate total $20.00 for the 5 items)– if you do not have them, you will have $20.00 instead.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the above foodstuffs once in a while. Consider them as such and buy them in single-size servings when you do want them.

Example: Craving ice cream…Walk over to the drugstore and buy yourself your favorite flavor. Sit, eat slowly, and enjoy. And do not fret as once you get home, you have all the fixings to continue on your healthy eating journey.