Dylan Mehsling


Dylan Mehsling, a Registered Dietitian armed with a master’s degree in nutritional sciences, embarked on his journey into the realm of nutrition during his 4th-grade year in public school. It was a dedicated educator who first enlightened him about the profound impact of nutrition on the body’s healing process. Passionate about the transformative benefits of nutrition, Dylan focuses particularly on mitigating chronic diseases, with a special emphasis on diabetes and heart disease.

Dylan specializes in whole foods plant-based nutrition, advocating for the remarkable advantages of fiber and its positive impact on the microbiome to alleviate various chronic conditions. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dylan is a competitive CrossFit athlete, bringing an athletic perspective to his holistic approach to health. With over 15 years of culinary expertise, he crafts delicious meals, reflecting his commitment to merging taste with nutritional value.

Dylan’s voracious appetite extends beyond the kitchen to the realm of literature, where he enjoys delving into books of all genres—fantasy, surrealism, self-improvement, and everything in between. Dylan Mehsling’s zest for life extends beyond the world of nutrition and fitness. A true enthusiast of movement in all its forms, he finds joy in yoga, acrobatics, skateboarding, and cross-country running.

Dylan applies evidence-based principles of nutrition in a way that makes the complex science accessible to everyone. His mission is to distill the hard science of nutrition into digestible information for the layperson, ensuring that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are within reach for all.

Dylan Mehsling